table tops unlimited

Table Tops Unlimited is one of the top manufacturers and distributors of kitchenware in the US. The work I have done for them includes retouching, designing and producing magazine ads, and creating animations for trade shows.


Below is a video I created for their booth at the Chicago's kitchenware trade show. Their booth was huge. There were panels on either side of the opening to the booth. Each panel featured two HD monitors stacked vertically. Here I have to show it to you in normal widescreen format, hence the large amount of black on both sides. The black bar in the middle indicates the separation between the monitors. The objective was to present TTU's wide range of products in a playful upbeat way. It need to have energy and be engaging but slow enough to make the type easy to read. The large number of assetss made managing the project and creating the animation a challenge. There was also a killer deadline. I could not have made it without the help of Maryl Lavelle, a talented motion graphics artist I have worked with for years. I am told the video was a big hit at the show.


G ZERO cookware

TTU liked the first video so much they asked for another to introduce their new G Zero cookware. I literally had one day to this. This was played on an ipad that was inset in a wall panel next to the product display. They decided to not have audio as it would compete with the audio from animation playing at the entrance to the booth.



Here is an example of a typical retouching job for TTU. Shiny chrome finishes are very difficult photograph and often require extensive retouching. Retouching a shiny surface is a challenge. It can easily look too painted.