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I came to Los Angeles to study at Art Center and I never left

I was born in Idaho, raised in Northern California. I came to LA to study at Art Center College of Design. I'm still here. Art Center taught me discipline and to set high standards for myself. I learned not only technique, but critical thinking as well. I have, myself, been teaching at Art Center for 10 years now and this is what I try to develop in my students today. I give them constraints before releasing them to develop their own ideas. I move them out in concentric circles. In the beginning, emphasizing proficiency of ideas over proficiency of tools – learning how to think will motivate them to learn how to do.

Painting is my passion. I work primarily in oil and mixed media, Oil painting is my medium of choice because of its luminous quality and the slow drying, which allows me to blend colors and work with glazes.

I love nature. I often go on long hikes or back packing trips. The power and beauty of nature never ceases to amaze me. The subject matter of many of my paintings while abstract, is derived from nature – rocks, trees, water. I feel we are part of nature, it is in us and we are in it. I like to work large so the viewer feels immersed in the environment the painting creates. My paintings and prints are represented in corporate and private collections across the US and Japan.

In addition to painting and design, I recently started hosting a youtube channel, Digital Design Ranch, where I post video tutorials on Photoshop and Illustrator as well as fun projects I have been working on. It is my way of giving back and sharing what I have learned over the years.