I came to Los Angeles to study at Art Center and I never left

Over 30 years ago I came to LA to study at Art Center College of Design. I'm still here. Though a very creative person by nature, Art Center taught me discipline and to set high standards for myself. I learned not only technique, but critical thinking as well. I have, myself, been teaching at Art Center for 10 years now and this is what I try to develop in my students today. I give them constraints before releasing them to develop their own ideas. I move them out in concentric circles. In the beginning, emphasizing proficiency of ideas over proficiency of tools – learning how to think will motivate them to learn how to do.

Following Art Center I ran my own graphic design company and art gallery for about 8 years. Eventually I was forced to close up shop and start working for other companies. There have been many, mostly related to the Entertainment Industry one way or another. Each place I worked learned something new – first at The Gary Group, then Friedland Jacobs and Associates, FX Networks, Fox Television, and many others. I started out doing print production, then moved on to design and art direction, and, eventually, motion graphics and editing.

26 years ago I met and married a remarkable woman. Together we raised a wonderful son who is the pride and joy of my life. My wife, who is Japanese and herself a former Art Center student has extraordinarily good taste and a great sense of style. She has contributed much not just to my design aesthetic but, to all aspects of my life. My son constantly amazes and surprises me. His mind is far more complicated and interesting than mine.

I have always had a “hankering for parts unknown” and for connecting with the Great Outdoors. As much as I enjoy the city, I love to get away and sail or go backpacking as often as I can. There is nothing like the power and beauty of nature to put things in perspective.