Show Rebrand Concept 1

This campaign takes an intimate look at the behind the scenes drama - the personal battles and sacrifices, the pride, the deception, the life altering decisions - that is ARMY WIVES. The idea is to use a single word and tender imagery to convey the idea that it is the simple things in life that matter most.

This marketing approach presents the show as different from others in the genre by virtue of the fact that it deals with more meaningful issues. These are issues that everyone who has ever truly loved someone can relate with. In keeping with this approach, the show logo has been alter to have less of a comedy feel.

However, this is one of two examples I have included in this section that didn't make it past comp stage. I liked it, so I'm showing it here.

ArmyWives 3 up.jpg

Show Rebrand Concept 2

In this set of comps the idea was to combine military terminology with frank, in-your-face imagery. Candid snaps shots from moments in the lives of these families reveal truths that touch us all.